Announcement To all OFW with BDO kabayan savings account read this to avoid ₱300 Penalty on your account

Not long ago BDO Unibank of the Philippines had released an announcement addressing all OFW who currently holds a BDO Kabayan Savings account this announcement has something to do with your BDO savings account and how to avoid ₱300 penalty.

BDO Unibank is reminding all of their BDO kabayan holder to remit at least once a year. In an instance that you failed to deposit to your account for the whole year, your account will be automatically converted into a regular savings account and will require you to a monthly maintaining balance of ₱10,000.

The bank also added that once your account was converted into regular savings account it can no longer be returned into a BDO kabayan savings account.

You will no longer be eligible for a zero maintaining balance and once your accounts remaining balance falls below ₱10,000 BDO Unibank will automatically deduct ₱300 into your every month without a prior notice.

To avoid the ₱300 monthly deduction to your account make sure to deposit at least once every year.

Read the full announcement of BDO UNIBANK Below

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