Filipina Jailed after robbing her Fellow Filipina in Hong Kong

The incident happened when Ezy De Vega, an OFW in Hong Kong had just got home from a stressful day at work. After resting, she went out to the Worldwide House at around 3:30 in the afternoon. She was at a boutique and was looking for a dress for herself.

The boutique was near an elevator when a woman asked her to check the contents of her bag because it was open. As she searched through the contents of her bag, she started to tremble and felt weak. Her wallet and cosmetic products were nowhere to be found.

She got nervous because her wallet contains all her identification cards, her food allowance for the entire month, and all her money.

Ezy asked the woman who told her that her bag was opened if she saw who took her wallet and makeup.

The woman then pointed out to the direction of another Filipina running against their direction. De Vega, without hesitation, let adrenaline rush take over her body and chased after the Filipina without even worrying whether she was carrying dangerous devices like a gun or a knife.

After a very tiring chase, Ezy was able to catch the robber. As the robber’s bag falls to the floor, all of the contents of it all scatter and some of the contents of her bag were Ezy De Vega’s wallet and cosmetics.

Later on, Ezy was helped by the security personnel of Worldwide House. As they hold the Filipina robber, they requested De Vega to call the police.
The robber is currently in jail in Hong Kong. The police said to Ezy that it is up to her whether to file a case against the robber or not. As of the moment, De Vega is still to make a decision whether to pursue the case or not.

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