Pinay in Taiwan to be deported after being caught by her husband having an affair with another Guy

Screen capture from Wanted sa Radyo

On January 10, Mr. Sonny Guzman from Nueva Vizcaya went to the program of Mr. Raffy Tulfo to complain about his wife who is according to him was having an affair with another guy in Taiwan.

Her wife flew to Taiwan in July 2017 to work as Domestic helper.

According to Sonny Guzman, he and his son went to Taiwan to visit her wife whom they already missed since she is no longer communicating to them regularly.

When he was in Taiwan her wife gave her a phone that has been previously used by her wife and while using that phone he and his son stumble on a sweet photo of her wife and another Guy. That is the time that he began his suspicions on her wife.

Sonny tried to recover the deleted photos on the said phone by the aid of a mobile application. He manages to recover some of the photos even though it was been deleted. 

When he confronted his wife, his wife tried to deny it but eventually admit it and told him that they already broke up several months ago after sonny discovered the Photos.

Upon hearing the story Mr. Tulfo told Sonny that he will be contacting the agency who sent her wife to Taiwan and will also contact all government offices that could help them deport her dishonest wife and her boyfriend back to the Philippines. They will also coordinate it with the POEA to prevent her from living the country again.

The staff of Wanted sa Radyo tried contacting the wife of Sonny but she refuses to be aired on the program. Weng has been working in Taiwan since July 2017.

Watch the video below

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