A wife of an OFW gets pregnant for 3 months while he's still working inTaiwan

During the outbreak of Wuhan Coronavirus, most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) find the support they need from their own families, but in his case, the main issue is no longer about the pandemic but the betrayal of his own wife.

An OFW who is working in Tainan, Taiwan posted a video in Tiktok. Instead of the regular dubbed videos users usually see in the app, The uploader showed a clip where he revealed how his wife is pregnant for three months in the Philippines when he had been staying in Taiwan for a period of 7 months. See Video Below.

He writes on the caption of the video that while there is still no solution for COVID-19 at the same time he was also forced to deal with the news that his wife is pregnant while staying in Taiwan.

A user commented wishing for him to stay strong and focus only on his work so that he wouldn't have to suffer from stress thinking about his wife.

Other users sympathized with him saying how everything happens for a reason, while others encouraged him and some didn't get the context of his message.

A female user simply laughed at the comments. The creator retorted how men are strong at enduring their problems, they only cry when nobody can see them. The user replied, telling him that it was only a challenge set for him by God and they should also talk to one another. She advised him to fix the issue in court.

At the time that we are writing this article, the said video received 259 hearts, 181 comments, 12 shares, and More than 10k Views.

We are not able to verify whether this is true or not but one thing is for sure if you are in his situation you would feel terrible if you would ever receive this kind of News.

See Video Below

@justinebas3 Hindi pah nga nah solutionan ung COVID. DADAG pah tong problemang to ! AYAW KUNA SAH ( P'S ) nkakabuntis pala un .😈 😭😭😭 ##buhayofw
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