Pinay OFW worker in Taiwan took her own Life

Taiwan | On the evening of November 23 a  Screenshot photo of someone's post was posted on Facebook. The said post reach almost a thousand share before being deleted by the person who posted it. According to her, she deleted it because it not yet been verified.

According to that post, the said OFW could no longer handle the stress in her life and that led her to end her own life. According to our research, her name was CHERRY MAY MANLUCTAO DONATO an OFW who works in Taiwan.

Her friends describe her image as an independent and strong woman who can stand by her own even without the help of her friends, a person who would argue and fight for what is right.

Read the full post of her friend below

According to reports from our sources, before she passed away she was extremely drunk and before ending her own life she still manages to send her boyfriend a short message telling him that she will commit the unacceptable thing.

Then her boyfriend told one of her friends to go check her out on her room, and that is the time that they have found out she already took her life by hanging and it was too late for them to save her. Until now the real reason for her doing this on her self-was not been very clear.

For now, all we can do is pray for her soul and may she finally find the happiness in her afterlife together with our Creator in heaven.

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