Pinoy In Taichung lost his life while Riding an e-bike!

E-bike or Electric Bicycle are becoming more popular in Taiwan especially among our foreign workers.  They used this as a mode of transportation so that it would be much easier for them to Roam around the different City of Taiwan and it does not require anyone have a drivers license to Drive one.

Electric Bicycle is also the reason why one Filipino Foreign worker lost his life last Monday, Jan. 07, 2019 it was according to the post that was posted in a facebook group Named Tropang Ilocano sa Taiwan

As stated in the comment section of the post, The victim John Carlo Rodriquez went to a Filipino store in Taichung to buy some goods in the said store. While he was waiting for the bus to arrive, He saw one of his workmates and ask if he could ride along with him.

This incident happened last Saturday. Unfortunately, while they are on their way to there dormitory they were hit by a truck. John Carlo lost his life on the hospital at 11:00 pm on January 7 while the person who was driving the e-bike survives the accident.

According to our sources, he is working in STANCH Steel Co., Ltd in Taichung and he was from Dupax Del Sur Nueva Vizcaya.

Now his friends are asking for some help or assistance in a form of a cash donation. For those who are willing to help you can contact the  admins of the group name Tropang Ilocano sa Taiwan  

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