A Filipina caregiver in Taiwan to be deported for posting videos against President Duterte

Department of Labor and Employment released a press statement as of today (April 25, 2020, Saturday) confirming the deportation of Elanel Egot Ordidor, a Filipina caregiver in Taiwan.

The caregiver posted nasty content against President Duterte on Facebook, ended up committing cyber libel.

Labor Attaché Fidel V. Macauyag, head of POLO Taichung/International Labor Affairs Bureau said that they went to Yunlin County, Taiwan on April 20th to enlighten the employed caregiver of her actions.

At first, Ordidor appeared willing and agreed on deleting all the videos she uploaded against the President and swore not to do it again. On the same day, she promised to post a public apology for the President and the people in the government at 9 pm.

However, several posts from fake accounts were seen on the Facebook page of POLO Taichung's hours after the visit,  encouraging and supporting Ms. Ordudor's cause.

Labor Attaché Fidel V. Macauyag claimed that they discovered Ms. Ordidor is using dummy Facebook accounts, among which are Lenale Elanel Egot, Mha Lan Dee, Linn Silawan and Hampas Lupa. She also has a group organized to solely discredit and make the President appear evil while also impairing the government.

Ms. Ordidor's deeds resulted in POLO cooperating with her broker and employer about her deportation for committing an offense under Philippine Law. The sharing and posting of misleading videos are forbidden and punishable under Cyber libel under Republic Act No. 10175.

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