Taiepe: No more Smoking in Front of Convenience Store and Coffee Shops starting on September, 2019

According to the Department of Health (DOH) in Taipei City, Taiwan, it will start to implement a prohibition of smoking in front of numerous convenience store and coffee shop chains starting from the month of September this year. This is a reminder after the announcement Taipei City had made on late April.

Huang Shier Chieng, the head of the city’s Department of Health (DOH), answered during a question and answer forum at Taipei City Council that five convenience store chains and three coffee shop chains will be adopting the said smoking restrictions.

The leaders of the city are still having conversations with another seven coffee shop chains. Huang Shier Chieng believes that the seven coffee shop chains will also be implementing the no smoking scheme.

Health Department Official, Lin Meng-hui had informed the media that seating areas located in front of 7-Eleven, Family Mart, OK Mart, Simple Mart, and Hi-Life stores will all be non-smoking zones, as will the spaces in front of Starbucks, 85’C Café and Louisa Coffee Shops in the city.

According to Lin Meng-hui, at present, there are 130 designated public smoking areas in Taipei City, Taiwan.

New Taipei City, Taiwan had made known to the public, through the help of the media, on April 25 this year that smoking will not be allowed in front of numerous convenience store and coffee shop chains. This will take effect in September this year.

According to New Taipei City, Taiwan, a violation of the said prohibition will be subjected to a fine of NT $10,000 (US$321).

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