1 Lucky Lottery Player wins NT$ 936 Million in Taiwan Lottery 大樂透

One Lucky player of Taiwan Lottery has become instant Millionaire after winning the Grand Lottery (大樂透) Jackpot on the Evening of May 5, 2020.

The Anonymous winner will bring home a total of NT$936,721,938 while 4 other winners have won the second-largest price on Grand Lottery (大樂透) amounting to NT$ 1,893,363 each.

The Winning number for Grand Lottery (大樂透) is 17,19,24,36,43,49  with the Special number of 26.

This was the biggest lottery jackpot that has been won by a single person this year.

Taiwan's Grand Lottery (大樂透)  is drawn Twice a week every Tuesday and Friday night.

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