Pinay OFW- Finally Deported Back to the Philippines after OWWA took Action

Sheerlyn Gerasta, an OFW in Riyadh was deported back to the Philippines with the help of OWWA’s Deputy Administrator, Arnel Ignacio. If we can recall, in Raffy Tulfo’s Program, Charlie, Sheerlyn’s husband asked Edwin “Kimpoy” Madredio, the man who Sheerlyn has been having affair with, to break off his relationship with his wife.

Unfortunately Edwin arrogantly answered that if Charlie has the brains, he should have both of them deported back to the Philippines. Ignacio, then accepted the challenge of deportation.

Ignacio stated that he will do everything he can to make sure that Sheerlyn and Edwin will be deported and to be punished accordingly. So, to give an update about the situation, Ignacio posted on social media when he met Sheerlyn at the airport. She was crying because in her current situation, her dream of becoming an OFW will now be over.

After hearing the news that Sheerlyn was deported already, a lot of netizens reacted. Some of them posted:

“Wish Edwin was also deported…”

“No one is perfect. Give her a second chance. God forgives everything, why don’t we do the same?”

“You’re crying but you didn’t even thought about your kids!”

 “Thank God, she is home. They can settle the problem as husband and wife.”

“Tito Arnel, I salute you. Quick to Act! You are really deserving. Good job!”

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Some are wishing the couple peace while others are hoping that Sheerlyn and Edwin get punished about their actions. If you haven’t known about the full details about this story yet, you can watch the whole scenario on Raffy Tulfo’s official video of the situation:

Watch the video below
Part 1

Part 2

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