OFW Tangal sa Trabaho matapos painumin ng tubig na may ihi ang kanyang amo

Armida, an alias for the forty years old Pinay domestic helper who had been in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for three months, was told by some of her friends that if she wants her employer to treat her better, then she should put her pee secretively in the drink of her employer.

One day, when her employer ordered her to serve him a glass of water, she sneakily had put her pee on it. It was an almost successful devious plan but it ended in disaster as her employer was able to smell the pee on the glass of water.

 At first, the employer repeatedly asked Armida if there was any pee on the glass of water. Armida kept on rejecting the accusations of her employer. Despite Armida’s consistent denial of her employer’s accusations, the employer exerted the effort to have the glass of water tested and it was confirmed that the glass of water that the domestic helper had served had her pee on it.

After the results were known to the employer of the domestic helper, she was angrily asked by him to drink the water that had her pee. Later on, she was reported by her employer to her agency and was requested for deployment.

After interviewing Armida, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had advised all of the OFWs to never put their pee on their employer’s foods and drinks no matter how mad they are at their employers.

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