Migrant ebike rider hits a Tesla Car | Maintenance cost More than 100,000

Photo by TVBS
Photo by TVBS

On March 9 around 7:00 in the Morning a man in Nantou county was on his way to work but unfortunately, he was hit by a Migrant worker who was riding an electric bicycle (e-bike).

According to the Tesla driver, he is about to hit the road when he was suddenly hit by an electric bicycle.

 He also told the reporters that he always honks his horn whenever he crosses an intersection to alert the other drivers that he is about to take a turn. 

"I was scared, and the speed was very fast. I didn't even hear the other person braking." the tesla Driver said. 

The accident site was full of parts and debris and the migrant worker was injured and fell onto the ground.

Luckily the e-bike rider didn't supper severe injuries and when the member of Bixing fire department arrived at the scene the migrant worker was immediately brought to the nearby hospital.

The said migrant worker has no insurance and the owner of the crashed Tesla car has no choice but to find an intermediary for follow-up compensation.

The Tesla Cars left read fender was has been removed while the car doors suppered severe dents. The estimated cost of damage was around NT 100,000. 

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