Tragic Vehicular accident occured in Taoyuan, 1 Dead 1 Missing after falling in the irrigation

In the evening of April 30 around 10:00 pm, a vehicular accident between a taxi and a motorcycle occurred at the intersection of Section 7, Jinling Road, Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City

According to the driver of the taxi named Wu Nan age 36, The traffic light was green when he was crossing the intersection but suddenly a motorcycle suddenly appeared from the left side of the road hitting the front bumper of his taxi. 

Photo by Apple Daily

The Motorcycle rider was identified as Lin (18-years-old) and his female back river was identified as Wu (18-years-old). Due to the severity of the collision Lin and Wu had been thrown away from the motorcycle and fell into the irrigation system (大圳). 

Right after the accident Wu Nan immediately called the authorities to report the incident. When the police have arrived at the scene the 2 people could no longer be seen in the irrigation. 

Firefighters use the hand-in-hand chain method to search for the missing body - Photo by Apple Daily

After 1 hour of searching rescuers finally found the 18-year-old Driver named Lin

The rescuers immediately searched the irrigation and after 1 hour they found the body unconscious body of Lin and later had been pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital. 

at the time of writing this article, the firefighters are still searching for the missing body of the backrider. 


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